Rolf Aschenbrenner

Dear CPMT Chapter members and colleagues,

Welcome this presentation of the IEEE-CPMT German Chapter's recent activities.

System integration has become the key to the development of modern products and a source for innovations. Advanced solutions for such systems not only depend on specific application requirements. Instead, selecting an appropriate technology is increasingly becoming an important criterion for realizing a cost-effective production.

Creating total system solutions monolithically on a chip (SoC) is held back by the extensive technical effort and high cost required. Therefore, it is simpler and more cost-effective to build hybrid systems (System in Package, System on Board) while continuing to take advantage of monolithic component integration with regard to miniaturization and reliability.

Thus, packaging technologies are becoming increasingly system (functionality)-oriented at all levels (wafer, chip, board). However, this change in course requires a completely fresh approach. For example, packaging opportunities and conditions have to become part of system design and materials selection.

The German Chapter of IEEE-CPMT would like to present a platform for discussing and exchanging experience in current and future system packaging and manufacturing challenges. Meetings, workshops and interesting presentations should be the basis for creating feasible solutions for the day-to-day work and for extending the cooperation between companies, as well as between companies and research institutes.

I hereby invite you to join us and together drive forwards the development of future assembly and packaging technologies.


Rolf Aschenbrenner


CPMT’s German chapter cooperates with SMT HYBRID PACKAGING 2017!

The German CPMT Chapter has started a collaboration with Europe’s most important congress and exhibition in the realm of system integration, the SMT HYBRID PACKAGING. This year the event will be taking place in Nürnberg from May 16-18, 2017. CPMT members can benefit from free entrance to the exhibition and a 15 percent reduction on all fees for the congress, tutorials and workshops.

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